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Prabhudatta Choudhury ( 22 )
Huahehe ( 29 )


Dear Almuni,
We are glad that you have spent valuable years in our institution during your UG/PG study. We would like to place on record that your cooperation and support has contributed in no small measure for this achievement. We shall very much appreciate and be thankful if you could spare some of your valuable time to fill up this feedback form and give us your valuable suggestions for further improvement of the program/institution.

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Please rate each of the following skills, abilities or attributes in terms of their importance and use in your job, and state how well your education at EAST Engineering College prepared you for these.

Kindly select the appropriate option as per the following criteria.

A - Strongly Agree B - Agree C - Neutral D - Disagree E - Strongly Disagree

As an engineering professional, do you feel thet EAST has helped you develop:

1. The ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
2. The ability to identify, formulate, and solve a board range of problems using appropriate skills, technique, and tools.
3. The ability to design and conduct experiments and analyze data.
4. The ability to designsystems, components, or processes to meet desird needs.
5. The ability to apply your training and engineering skills in professional career.
6. The ability to function in deverse multidisciplinary environments.
7. An understanding and ability to continially educate and re-train themselves with new skill sets.
8. An understanding of professional and ethical issues.
9. An understanding and appreciation of contemporary issues relating to engineering practices.
10. An understanding of hte impact of engineering solutions within broader societal and logical contexts.
11. The ability to complete your assigned tasks efficiently and successfully.
12. An ability to use written and oral communication skills necessary for an engineer.
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